About Us

<p>The Kent Endometriosis Centre(Kendoc) is a centre of excellence for the treatment of endometriosis. Its establishment is a pro-active and positive step towards an understanding of endometriosis in its entirety, treating women with respect, dignity and offering access to a variety of treatment opportunities. For too long the needs of women with endometriosis have not been fully acknowledged or met resulting in frustration, anger and a sense of hopelessness. Holistic patient care is central to our philosophy.</p> <p>We are a highly skilled, multi-disciplinary, professional team, ensuring compliance with RCOG (Royal College of Obstetricians &amp; Gynaecologists) Clinical Guidelines on the Investigation and Management of Endometriosis, Clinical Recommendations produced by PRODIGY the NHS resource providing practical support for clinical governance and NHS policies including patient confidentiality, clinical audit and informed consent.</p>

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