What determines the type of hysterectomy you will have?

If you are unable to have a vaginal hysterectomy or keyhole surgery because your uterus is too big with fibroids, or you have had caesarian sections that have caused adhesions and scars. If you have cancer the surgeon may prefer to do the surgery as an open procedure.

This is usually done for ladies that have vaginal prolapse as well.

Most hysterectomies can be done laparoscopically (keyhole surgery) however, this does depend on the skill of your surgeon.  It is very important to find a surgeon that is capable and has experience in doing this type of surgery. Recovery from keyhole surgery is much quicker and you will go home in a day or two.  The discomfort is far less as you only have a few little incisions.  There may be a little discomfort from the gas but that disperses fairly quickly once you are up and about.

The one danger from having this type of surgery is that you do too much too quickly.


Why have a hysterectomy?

The vast majority of women who have a hysterectomy for a genuine reason have a vastly improved quality of life afterwards and wish they had had it done much sooner.

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